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Preparing of Vermicompost

Basic Requirements

To prepare vermicompost following are required:

  • A slight high ground, for making the bed
  • This should be all-time shadowy
  • Easy availability of ambient quantity of water


First Stage  
  • Dig the selected place, 5/6 centimeter deep.
  • Remove the soil
  • Fill the pit with grass-roots,residues of sugar canes (juice-extracted)
  • Put organic-waste over it, then pour water over it
  • No sunlight allowed
Second Stage  
  • Put Layer of Semi-sodden organic-waste
  • Waste of trees/grass as: leaves, flowers etc
  • Cow-dung (fresh and wet)
  • Vermicompost
  • Fresh earth-worms
  • Pour enough water on this second layer


  • The total height of the bed should be 45 to 60 c.m.
  • Cover it completely with jute-clothing (cover it with plastic-sheet * during rainy-season)
  • Please always Keep the place damp, with sufficint water.
  • After 1-1/2 to 2 months, it should be ready for the use.


When you try its readiness, the Vermicompost should be black, silky-soft and live-worms crawling a little below the heap. If you get like this, the Vermicompost is ready for use.