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Green Plastics, packaging the green value

Biodegradable plastic is a simple solution to plastic pollution.

We have inherited it all from nature. Nature encapsulate a fruit to preserve its value until the purpose of its life is accomplished, we believe it is our duty at Green Plastics to package the green products and the contained value with a biodegradable plastic packaging to accomplish the environmental concern.

The biodegradable plastic is the next generation plastic

The well known super material 'plastic' was invented and introduced to increase the shelf life of edibles and carry grocery from store to home and to protect metal made products from corrosion. Since plastic was first made and used, it has facilitated us a comfortable living. The food industry is doing that good because food can be transported to long distances and keep them fresh even after 30 days, has been made possible by plastic packaging. The concern is all the same, to keep green value contained, to increase the life. It would be better all way to use Biodegradable plastic for packaging as it concludes increased shelf life in a green way.

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