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Respected Hon. Minister of Environment and Forest, New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

On the eve of the Climate talks, our best wishes to you and your team.

We hope India emerges as the Global Champion of Environment at the Copenhagen talks.

No country worships Mother Earth the way we do in India. Nobody calls it a Goddess. Somewhere in the recent history, we have started abusing it, but it is time we understand our mistake and champion the cause of its protection.

Let us keep politics out of the talks, and take a holistic view of the important issue. Our civilisation does not have enough time to waste on debating on the percentage reduction in emissions.

Let us stop irresponsible fires, let us set high emission norms, let us produce more green energy, let us control the over exploitation of forests, let us regenerate our wastelands, protect our water bodies, stop the smokey vehicles and factories, let us not burn our waste the way we do, let us put up stronger legislation to reduce pollution, adopt larger green technologies, control our population, increase forest cover, conserve electricity,.....
For what we waste, we should save. It is EcoLogic. It is our profit.

There is no compromise to our lifestyles and economy if we go more green.

Germany, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand,... have shown the way, that Progress and Environment are not in conflict.

Going Green does not mean going back to the caves. It means learning from nature, respecting it and yet making progress.

We hope you will be an ambassador of mother earth and not take the stand of a negotiator.

We look upto you with great expectation. Our future generations too will be very thankful.

Warmest Regards,

Friends of the Earth.

Scientech Eco Foundation/ Young Indians, Indore.

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