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Seed Ball Machine - Scientech 6205SB

Scientech Seed Ball Machine offers a convenient and quick way to make seed balls in large quantities. A seed ball is a clay ball made with soil, compost and seed.

Seed Ball making is a non invasive and sustainable way to propagate grasses, plants, shrubs and trees. Seed ball protects the seed from pests like rats, ants and squirrels, etc.

The seedballs are dried and scattered in denuded areas free from cattle or human activity. During rains the seedballs get wet and the seeds start germinating.

Amongst many initiatives to improve green cover, making and scattering seed balls is a quicker and cost-effective method to reclaim the lost green cover on the earth. Hence, it is an emerging afforestation technique adopted worldwide, most commonly used for ecological restoration.

Many natural farmers also make seed balls with grain seeds in regular no tilling farming. This allows soil carbon to remain in the ground which otherwise due to tilling gets released in the atmosphere.

Features :
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and accurate
  • Useful for any seed